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Early Childhood Education

Wednesday Wisdom for Teachers and Parents

Children re-invent your world for you. ~ Actress Susan Sarandon

Isn’t it interesting how we change as we get older. The things that fascinated us when we were young are “old hat” or maybe “boring” to us now. Take, bugs, for example. Most children are mesmerized by watching the antics of grasshoppers, spiders and other creepy crawlies. Most adults (with the exceptions of entomologists and the like) don’t even notice them. The industriousness of the ant is a life lesson in determination and strength.

I think we could really learn from children in this respect. Take the time to notice the “small” things, those that you deem unimportant. They could “re-invent your world.”

About Cindy A. Johnson

I live in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. I love to read, work in my flower and vegetable gardens, feed and watch the birds in the yard, sit on the front porch looking at the mountains and go camping. I also like to watch wildlife, including my cats and dog (ha!). I write online articles on a variety of subjects. Check out my book reviews at: http://readerjots.wordpress.com, wonderful nature stuff at http://mynaturenotes.wordpress.com and assorted articles on interesting stuff at http://Esmeowl12.hubpages.com. My first ebook was published in January 2012: "Alphamania: An Alphabet Resource for Teachers and Parents." Check out the blog at https://alphabetletters.wordpress.com.


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